In my castle

Work in progress

I currently live in Chicago, even though Berlin is still home base. I just moved here shortly before Covid-19 started. Settling down in a new city takes time and it's all about exploring new territory, but foremost it invites to connect, getting to know and becoming involved with residents and institutions . As a result of the Pandemic and the uncontrolled spreading of the Virus the city became locked down. Just when everything seemed to get close to returning to normal the murder of George Floyd went over seamlessly into (peaceful) protests  and further more nightly lootings through violent crowds. Curfews followed. Within all these unstable and chaotic circumstances I found myself quite isolated and mainly stuck in my home on the 46th floor of a high-raise, The Pandemic, but above all violence continues to overshadow the increasingly divided city. 246 people have been killed within this city by firearms since the beginning of 2021. 

The Void

Work in progress

Late May/Early June 2020


Chicago is in a state of emergency. After George Floyd became the mortal victim of a brutal operation carried out by white policemen the city resembles a fortress. Peaceful protests against racism and police violence are followed by violent nightly lootings which caused curfews in order to avoid further violence. Shops, restaurants and hotels are barricaded.