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May 25, 2020

George Floyd becomes the mortal victim of a brutal operation carried out by white policemen. This provokes ongoing protests against racism and police violence all over the country. 


Late May/Early June 2020

Chicago is in a state of emergency. The numerous steel bridges over the Chicago river have been raised in order to prevent nightly lootings and attacks by violent groups. The city, like the rest of the United States, has not gained control over the pandemic. A months-long curfew due to Corona conditions connects seamlessly to another state of emergency and nightly curfews in order to avoid further lootings and violence. Nothing seems to work anymore. Shops, restaurants and hotels are barricaded. In the following days the city resembles a fortress. The national guard moves in to control access. A city, a country, in chaos. 


The photographs have been taken in Chicago following the first wave of looting.