“[…] Without it being intentional, Andrea Wilmsen's artist book has become a plea for a future-oriented cosmopolitanism in which hostility to science, censorship and indoctrination have no place. Alice in the Field is one of the most beautiful, interesting and enjoyable photo books of recent months.” Jens Pepper


PhotoNews, 6/2024, Hamburg, Germany

Book review (excerpt, translated in English)




Alice in the Field

Andrea Wilmsen, Field Museum of Natural History Chicago

Distanz Verlag, May 2024

172 Seiten, 77 color- and 22 sw-photographs

Texts by Dr. Enno Kaufhold, Jesi Khadivi, Lisa C. Niziolek, Andrea Wilmsen


40 Euro 


Book release and artist talk

at Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin, 23.5.2024

(Jens Pepper, Andrea Wilmsen)

Foto:  © Maria Gänßler