Andrea Wilmsen is a Berlin based visual artist, working with photography.

Wilmsen studied at University Duisburg-Essen and deepened her photography skills a.o. at Neue Schule für Fotografie in Berlin. Wilmsen is awarded and exhibited nationally and internationally, a.o. at Haus am Kleistpark | Tempelhof Museum 2023,  Sprengel Museum Hanover 2022, Chicago Architecture Biennial in collaboration with Goethe Institut Chicago 2021, European Month of Photography 2020, Le Festival Voices Off des Rencontres d`Arles 2019 (Fotohaus Paris-Berlin), Goethe Institut Los Angeles, Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades, and featured in art and architecture magazines (a.o. Domus, der Greif, Museumsjournal). In addition her works B.ODE and Alice in the Field have been published by the German art book publishers Kerber (2021) and Distanz Verlag (2024).



Wilmsens work can be found in institutional and private collections, amongst other at


Museum of Contemporary Photography (MOCP), Midwest Photographers Project


Catalogue of Catalan photography, initiated by the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya


Sammlung Danwerth


Fotografische Sammlung Stadtmuseum Berlin





2024 (23.5.) Haus am Kleistpark, Alice in the Field, book presentation + artist talk

2024 (May) Distanz Verlag, Berlin, Alice in the Field, book release

2024 (14.3.) Artist talk with Dr. Enno Kaufhold, Galerie Karlshorst, Berlin

2024 B.ODE, solo exhibition, Galerie Karlshorst, Berlin

23-24 Haus am Kleistpark | Tempelhof Museum, Berlin, Dimensionen, group exhibition,

curated by Diana Thun

2023 Museum Ephraim Palais, Kontraste/Berlin Jetzt, 3pm, group exhibition, Berlin

2023 Städtische Galerie Lehrte, B.ODE | In my Castle, solo exhibition

2023 The Alice Wilds Gallery, "These Walls are a Stage", duo exhibition, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

22/23 year-long artist residency, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago

22/23 Sprengel Museum Hanover, In my Castle, group exhibition, curated by Dr. Reinhard Spieler

2022 Royal Photography Society, In my Castle, shortlisted for International Photography Exhibition, IPE164

2022 BBA Gallery, B.ODE shortlisted for BBA Photography Prize ´22

2022 galerie für junge künstler- und designerinnen, Schein und Wirklichkeit, solo exhibition, Berlin

2021 Chicago Architecture Biennial 2021, B.ODE, presented by Goethe Institut, Chicago

2021 Paris Photo, B.ODE, book signing with Kerber Verlag, Paris

2021 Filter Foto Festival, B.ODE, book signing, Chicago

2021 Kunsthalle Brennabor, works from the publication Herzattacke volume 107, Brandenburg

2020 European Month of Photographie (EMOP), Floating Identities, group exhibition,

curated by Wolfgang Zurborn, Deutsche Fotografische Akademie, Berlin-Potsdam

2020 Perspective Gallery, 3pm, curated group exhibition by Jennifer Murray, Chicago-Evanston

2020 48 Stunden Neukölln, Fragile Realities, curated art festival, featured artist, Berlin

2020 Galerie Neue Schule für Fotografie, B.ODE, group exhibition, Berlin

2020 Blumberg Fotokunst, Schein und Wirklichkeit, solo exhibition, Potsdam

2020 Gallerie G37, Schein und Wirklichkeit, solo exhibition, Berlin

2019 Le Festival Voies Off des Recontres d´Arles, Fotohaus Berlin/Paris, Department of Justice,

group exhibition, Arles, France

2019 aff Galerie, Raum und Identität, duo exhibition, ArtistTalk w Julia Rosenbaum, Berlin

2019 transformart festival, Sonntag, by invitation of the collective CameraD, Berlin

2019 48 Stunden Neukölln, Shades of White, curated art festival, Berlin

2019 Gallery Weekend, Keep your Eyes peeled, aff Galerie, group exhibition with Michael Danner, Jessica Backhaus, Göran Gnaudschun u.a., Berlin

2018-2019 member of aff gallery, Berlin

2018 Triennale der Photographie Hamburg, curated group exhibition by Freundeskreises des Hauses der Photographie, Deichtorhallen Hamburg

2018 Monat der Fotografie OFF, Interrelations, curated Photo Festival,Berlin

2018 48 Stunden Neukölln, This very moment, curated Art Festival, Berlin

2018 Espronceda, Kreatur, Center for Art and Culture, Barcelona

2017 YIA Art Fair, Kunsthalle Kleinbasel, Paris

2017 YIA Art Fair, Kunsthalle Kleinbasel, Basel

2017 ICAA, Auswärtiges Amt, Berlin meets Los Angeles, solo exhibition, Berlin

2016 Espronceda, Borderlands, Center for Ars and Culture, solo exhibition, Barcelona 

2016 Kommunale Galerie Steglitz, What remains, curated group exhibition, Berlin

2013 Villa Aurora, Berlin meets Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades

2013 Goethe Institut, Berlin meets Los Angeles, with Corina Gamma, Los Angeles



Grants and Awards


2022/23 Artist Residency, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago

2022 Vonovia Photography Award No.6, In my Castle, shortlisted for best photo series

2022 BBA Gallery, B.ODE, longlist, selected for BBA Photography Prize

2022 Royal Photography Society, In my Castle, shortlisted for IPE 164

2021 Research Grant, Stiftung Kulturwerk, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

2021 Editor´s Pick, Fragile Realities, LensCulture HOME´21 Intern. Photo Prize Award + Street Award

2020 Special Grant, Senat für Europa und Kultur, German Ministry for Culture, Berlin

2020 Selected Finalist, B.ODE, Verzasca Foto Festival, Switzerland

2020 Landskrona Foto Festival & Breadfield Dummy Award, B.ODE, Landskrona, Sweden

2020 Granted artist residency, Arteles Creative Center, Finland

2018 Editor´s Pick, photo series, This very moment, LensCulture Emerging Talent Award

2017 Grant of the Academy of Fine Arts (summer academy), Salzburg

2017 Editor´s Pick, 3pm, LensCulture Portrait Award and Street Photography Award





2024 (March) Alice in the Field, Distanz Verlag, Berlin

2024 Haus am Kleistpark | Tempelhof Museum, Dimensionen, exhibition catalogue,

2022 Sprengel Museum, In my Castle, Vonovia Award for Photography, exhibition catalogue

2022 Profi Photo, B.ODE, Edition 1/22, magazine for photo culture

2021 Photo weekly, B.ODE, Edition #196, photo magazine

2021 Book Publication B.ODE, Kerber Verlag, Berlin-Bielefeld

2021 PhotoNews, Zeitung für Fotografie, Forum, online feature, Verlag Brudna/Gripp GbR

2021 Catalogue for literature and art, Herzattacke, participation in volume 106-107, Berlin-Potsdam

2020 Museumsjournal, B.ODE, Edition 2/2020, Kulturprojekte Berlin-Potsdam

2020 Der Tagesspiegel, review of EMOP exhibition, Floating Identities, Berlin

2020 Der Greif, guest room, B.ODE, curated by Holly Hay

2020 EMOP catalogue, European Month of Photography, Berlin

2020 48 Stunden Neukölln, art festival catalogue, featured artist Fragile Realities

2020 PhotoNews, Zeitung für Fotografie, Forum, online feature, Verlag Brudna/Gripp GbR

2020 Herzattacke, Volume 105, catalogue for literature and art, Berlin-Potsdam

2018 Der Tagesspiegel, Checkpoint, Berlin meets Los Angeles, Berlin

2013 Domus, magazine for art and architecture, review of Berlin meets Los Angeles