Berlin Meets Los Angeles offers no glamour shots and consciously avoids perpetuating stereotypes, which are often attributed to both cities. I direct my attention to hidden corners of both metropoles, which show similarities in their expansion, by the absence of a real city center, and the variety of as yet undefined spaces. Both cities stand out more by their charisma than by their beauty. They attract "outsiders" from all over the world, in search of freedom and self-realization, often far from their roots. This vaguely undefined, open space is what I am interested in. The constant change, the unfinished and often imperfect character, which both cities embody for her. What just recently seemed inseparable from the cityscape has already disappeared again, or exists now in a different context. The focus is less on what has happened in these cities than on a vision of what might happen. 

The photographs are interwoven by personal statements of artists who work in both cities and whom I have interviewed during the two-year period of the elaboration of my project.