Shortly before Covid started I moved to Chicago. Almost simultaneously a prolonged lockdown, curfews and riots took place, which temporarily turned the city into a kind of fortress, These circumstances kept me trapped inside of my apartment for several months. I got to know the city mainly through the view out of my windows and started to document the daily repetitive prospects with a longing for being able to move freely within a city widely unknown to me. Experiencing this city from the perspective of a high-rise apartment is like moving into a quiet, parallel world, which doesn't reveal that Chicago is a city characterized by growing social discrepancy and increasing criminality. The project title is inspired by an old German fairy tale called "Rapunzel", the story of  a girl forcibly held captive by a sorceress and locked in a high, remote tower without a door.  


InstallationviewSprengel Museum Hannover, 9.11-8.1.2023

shortlisted for best photo series, Vonovia Photography Award 2022